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We have oriented scope of end-with-end land legal manager control. As a feature of the Ramzin  Group, we try to offer the best support in our field. We want to frequently be at the best of our clients' beliefs and add to making their lives more detailed through what we offer.

Ramzin Real Estate has broad involvement in the Real Estate Trustee field. We have practical experience in giving and submitting applications connected with land and tenure in Dubai. As a Dubai Land Department-approved element, we have different benefits over the field's rivals.

With our broad experience, confidence in the importance of what we give to our clients, and our devotion to providing it in an ideal way, we ensure the best turnkey agreements, dealing with the whole process to facilitate your difficulty for a smooth, bother free insight.

Ramzin Real Estate was brought into the world in 2009 as a little yet resolved property administration organization, with an essential objective to carry regular Ramzin group office principles to Dubai. We have practical experience executing a wide range of properties in Dubai and ensuring our clients participate in a smooth and actual cycle custom-made to their essentials.

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We have data about all top properties in Dubai; if you like to invest in the sale or purchase of properties, contact us. Read More
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AED 1,530,000 The Catch
  • 2 Bed
  • 1502 Sqft
properties For Sale
AED 8,700,000 MAG Park
  • 4 Bed
  • 5354 Sqft
properties For Sale
AED 1,200,000 The Paragon
  • 1 Bed
  • 659 Sqft
properties For Sale
AED 3,600,000 Elie Saab VIE at the Fields
  • 4 Bed
  • 3163 Sqft
properties For Sale
AED 1,300,000 Sobha Hartland
  • 1 Bed
  • 649 Sqft
properties For Sale
AED 3,430,000 Nad Al Sheba Gardens
  • 3 Bed
  • 2618 Sqft

Why Choose Us?

The most challenging thing in life is when you shift your business or home from one place to another in a new place. You have no idea about a new location. We solve this problem with our service. We deal in all types of real estate projects. Ramzin real estate is our official website visit here for further detail.

We tirelessly work hard and smart to connect you with the property that will assure your investment is definitely worthwhile and giving places with only the highest ROI, and also places that are astonishingly beautiful to live in yourself and will work to fulfill your wildest dreams in the real estate business.

We finish your deals and transactions in the speed of light. Which basically means we have eliminated the one obstacle in getting the property you want...TIME. Because the longer you wait the less chance you have in acquiring it. So come to us where there is no more waiting for appointments or queues to find the what you wanted.

We have a diverse working space where can find people from all over the world working towards giving you all your desires speaking languages of Arabic, English, Russian, Spanish, Hindu, Luganda and Amharic. You will feel right at home.

We have more than 6 platforms where you can reach us to get any information you could possible want to know about Ramzin Real Estate. Also we have every agent with multiple phone numbers and emails at your beck and call so that you will ALWAYS GET us when you WANT us.

Besides being one of the most tourist infested and diversely occupied cities in the world, Dubai has qualities no other cities can give you.


You will be in awe!

Dubai an elite city with unparalleled monumental buildings and skyscrapers, metro that holds the record for the largest "driverless metro", vibrant enormous malls and so on.



Dream come true.

Have you ever dreamt of living that luxurious life style you've only seen in movies with fast cars, stunning houses with amazing views, countless historical places to visit, and stunning beaches? All of that is possible "When in Dubai"!!



Near to Everywhere.

Globally centered, the city of Dubai is accessible to all parts of the world. Major cities from the East and West are only 6 hours flight, giving easy access to all the memorable wonders the Dubai City has to offer.


Expeditious Economy

Fit for Everyone.

Dubai's economy's' revenue is not conjured from just one source like other Middle Eastern cities. It has diverse derivatives like tourism and trading, which makes the economy far more stable than other cities.


Zero Taxes

Owning Made Easy.

When you buy and own a property that is designed for living in the great city of Dubai, the government sees it as a residential real estate and is of 0% VAT.


Return of Investment

You Never Go Wrong.

Studies done recently show that rental yield in Dubai is higher than any other major cities like New York, Hong Kong and London. Which is good news for all that want to invest in it's real estate business.



Better than Home.

Lots of countries have always posses ONE defining quality. Dubai has it all astonishing places, vast cultural diversity, countless investment possibilities and most important of all the SAFETY to enjoy them all with utmost freedom.